Installing BayesO

We recommend installing it with virtualenv. You can choose one of three installation options.

Installing from PyPI

It is for user installation. To install the released version from PyPI repository, command it.

$ pip install bayeso

Compiling from Source

It is for developer installation. To install bayeso from source code, command

$ pip install .

in the bayeso root.

Compiling from Source (Editable)

It is for editable development mode. To use editable development mode, command

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python develop

in the bayeso root.


If you would like to uninstall bayeso, command it.

$ pip uninstall bayeso

Required Packages

Mandatory pacakges are inlcuded in requirements.txt. The following requirements files include the package list, the purpose of which is described as follows.

  • requirements-optional.txt: It is an optional package list, but it needs to be installed to execute some features of bayeso.

  • requirements-dev.txt: It is for developing the bayeso package.

  • requirements-examples.txt: It needs to be installed to execute the examples included in the bayeso repository.